Azurite Counseling & Wellness

Azurite Counseling & Wellness is a Dialectical Behavior Therapy Intensive Outpatient Program. If you are needing more support than weekly individual therapy sessions then Azurite is the place for you!

When you enroll in the program at Azurite you will be given a binder with a curriculum full of coping skills geared to help you with depression, anxiety, bipolar, life stress, and much more.

The Program Covers the Following Topics:

Emotion Regulation
Distress Tolerance
Interpersonal Effectiveness

What To Expect:

When you contact us to start the program we will schedule you for an individual session with the therapist that will be running your group. The therapist will get a thorough understanding of what’s bringing you into the program and together you will set goals for treatment, such as decreasing worry thoughts, increasing effective communication with a partner, decreasing anger outbursts, and more.

After your individual session the therapist will give you a start date for group, which is no longer than 3 days away. While starting a group can be intimidating at first, our members end up loving the community and wanting to extend their time. They create lasting bonds with others that understand their life struggles.

Group Schedule:

Monday-Thursday 9am-12pm, *with two ten minute breaks at the end of each hour

To complete the entire curriculum you will attend group for 5 weeks. Since the group is intensive our therapist will work with your physician to help you obtain FMLA so that you can take time off work.

Insurance & Fees:

Azurite is happy to announce that we are working with the following insurance companies so that treatment is affordable:

Blue Cross Blue Shield

*If you don’t have insurance, please contact us to discuss out-of-pocket rates, adjustable fees, and payment plans. We don’t want income to inhibit you from getting the help you need.

Ready to Enroll?

You won’t be sorry that you are investing in your health and wellbeing!

Contact us at to enroll or to get your questions answered!

Azurite Counseling & Wellness is proud to announce the honor of being Joint Commission Accredited. As of October, 2019 the Joint Commission awarded Azurite this honor after days of rigorous inspection of our program. The Joint Commission certifies that we have reached the highest standards of care.